Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen...The Quintessential BrideKeeping Up With the Joneses
Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen…The Quintessential Bride
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Descendant of Major Thomas Jones, Welsh privateer; fought at the Battle of the Boyne, Aghrim, Limerick in 1690: namesake of Jones Beach State Park… Hon. Samuel Jones; whose appellation was “father of the New York bar”; created statutes for the N.Y.S. office of Comptroller in 1796… Colonel Richard Floyd; 1st cousin of William Floyd, signer of the Declaration of Independence… Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven; original patentee of New Amsterdam (New York) in 1625.

Ella Floyd-Jones Carpender, the youngest daughter of William Carpender of New Brunswick, N.J. and Ella Floyd-Jones, whose home and farm was one of the largest early land grants on Long Island, was born Oct. 9, 1892. Ella resided in the Babylon-West Islip area of Long Island, and became Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen upon her marriage to John Dulmage Carscallen in 1919.

During W.W. II Mrs. Carscallen served as a Gray Lady and member of the Babylon chapter of the Red Cross Motor Corps. She also served as a member of the Pandoras Box Gift Shop and was a member of the Babylon Yacht Club, as well as the Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club of Amityville, New York. During the 1920’s and 1930’s Mr. Carscallen was widely known for his motor boat racing, and both he and Mrs. Carscallen raced their “It”, “It Too” and “If” motor boats. The boats flew the pennant of the Babylon Yacht Club, and took part in the races at Newport, R.I., the Gold Cup Regattas, the National Sweepstakes at Red Bank, NJ., and the Presidents Cup Regatta on the Potomac.

In an article in the October 1931 Power Boating it states:

John Carscallens Chris Craft IT Too, Babylon, L.I., won the 300 horsepower runabout race of five miles, referring to the Gold Cup staged at Red Bank, with a speed of 44.68 miles per hour. His Chysler-powered Chris Craft IT won the 225 and 150-horsepower events with speeds of 41.52 miles per hour and 35.63, respectively.

Mrs. Carscallen once drove to victory against Guy Lombardo at Red Bank. She downplayed the victory stating that it was at the beginning of his career, a sport at which he was later to excel at. A great admirer of Guy Lombardo, she never failed to attend an early night of his Jones Beach Marine Theatre shows.

Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen died at her home Feb.7, 1976 after a long illness. Her issue; Marie Louise Carscallen. Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen is a descendant of Wolphert Van Kouwenhoven, an original patentee of New York. Famous relatives include (actor) Michael Kirk Douglas, (president) Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, (actor) Molly Ringwald, (comedian) Johnny Carson and (doctor) Virginia Apgar.