Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Terms as President

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was as intriguing as he was impressive. He quickly gained the trust and respect of a nation and climbed his way to the Presidency in 1932. His name and initials are often on the tongues of historians and politicians alike; and always spoken with respect. History remembers him nearly as favorably as many economists.

Personal Life

The 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had quite an interesting life. An only child, he was born in New York on January 30, 1882 to James and Sara Roosevelt. In fact, Roosevelt is the anglicised version of the Roosevelt’s Dutch name, “van Rosevelt”.

Roosevelt married Eleanor on March 17, 1905 despite his mother’s objection to the union. Eleanor, as she is known, was actually named Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. She didn’t have to change her surname as she was FDR’s fifth cousin and was already so named. The couple had six children with only one dying in infancy.

Some little known trivia about FDR as he is popularly referred to includes the fact that he had two sons named after him. The first, died in his infancy in 1909 living for only seven months. The second son to get the name was born on August 17, 1914. Interestingly he died at on the exact date of his 74th birthday, August 17, 1988 from lung cancer in New York.

FDR was embroiled in a little scandal here and there due to his extramarital affairs. His most noted was an ongoing affair with his wife’s Social Secretary, Lucy Mercer. To cover his tracks the Secret Service gave Ms. Mercer a codename, Mrs. Johnson. Their story could well make a movie.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of only eight US presidents to die in office. He succumbed to a long illness on April 12, 1945. His death cut short his fourth term in office. Not only is he one of the US Presidents that 9 out of ten people mention when asked to name the Presidents of the United States, he is also listed among the best historians and scholars.

Political Life

FDR became the 32nd President of the United States of America on March 4, 1933. He demitted office on April 12, 1945 having served 12 years. In fact, FDR has the distinction of being the only US President to serve more than two terms in the Oval Office. His presidency covered 4 terms a record yet unbeaten.

He is known for a number of economic policies during his presidency since the period underwent a few economic crises. His most known was the New Deal which was heavily supported by his wife, Eleanor. His presidency was right in the midst of the Great Depression. He is credited with helping his fellow Americans hold onto their faith as they struggled through the economic situation of the time.

Prior to becoming the president, FDR was elected the 44th Governor of New York, a position he held from January 1, 1929 to December 31, 1932. His political career started in 1911 when he became a member of the US Senate. A graduate of Harvard University, his political aspirations were obvious from an early age.

He is said to have been a friend of civil rights and even ensured that minority groups got jobs and benefited under the New deal coalition. It was FDR who worked to ensure that African American men in the military were able to get better positions. The accomplishments of this son of New York are many and will always hold a place in the history books of America and other nations. Part of his inauguration speech will live on forever and is often repeated by Americans and non-Americans alike. It is the line, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Albert Walker