Jones Ancestry of Ella Flovd-Jones Carscallen

Major Thomas Jones, grand father (x8) of Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen, was born in Ulster County, Ireland in about 1665. His family were originally from the North of Wales. Having taken part in the civil war on the side of King James II, he fought at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, Aghrim in 1691, and Limerick in 1691. In 1692 he arrived in Rhode Island where he met and married Freelove Townsend, the daughter of Thomas Townsend. They removed to Long Island to the village now known as Massapequa, and in 1695 was given a large tract of of land on the south side of the island as a gift from Thomas Townsend. In 1929 this large tract of land subsequently became Jones Beach State Park through the dedication of Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the nautical vision of Robert Moses. Major Thomas Jones died in 1713, his issue being 7 children.

The Hon. Samuel Jones, grandson of Major Thomas Jones and grandfather (x6) of Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen, was born July 26, 1734. In 1789, with Richard Varick, he was responsible for the revision of the statutes of New York State and, at the request of Gov. John Jay, drew up the law establishing the Office of Comptroller for the State of New York. In 1766 he married Ellen Turk but had no children, and upon her death shortly there after married Cornelia Haring, their issue being 7 sons. The Hon. Samuel Jones died Nov. 21, 1819.

Colonel Richard Floyd, son of Richard Floyd III and Elizabeth Hutchinson, was born Feb. 26, 1731. He was the first cousin of William Floyd, senator from New York and the first delegate from New York to sign the Declaration of Independence. Arrabella Floyd, whom Col. Floyd married in 1758, was the daughter of Judge David Jones and Anna Willet. Their issue being three children. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 8, 1758 d May 7, 1820. David Richard, b. Nov. 14, 1764. Anne Willet, b. August 17, 1767 d. June 8, 1813. Colonel Richard Floyd died June 30, 1791 in Maugersville, New Brunswick. Arrabella, his wife, died May 29, 1785.

Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven was born before May 1, 1579. Wolphert was one of five original patentees of New Amsterdam first sent to New Netherlands (New York) by the Dutch West India Company. Wolphert married Aeeltje Jans on Jan. 17, 1605 in Amersfort, Holland. Their issue being 3 sons. On June 30, 1636, Wolphert purchased land on Long Island called Keskateuw from the Indians. Here he established the first white settlement on Long Island. Wolphert’s settlement, known as “Achterveldt”, became the center point of the village of New Amsterdam (later called Flatlands/Brooklyn). Wolphert died between May 2, 1662, and June 24, 1662. Other notable descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven include President Theodore Roosevelt, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and actor Michael Kirk Douglas.